iPhone Boom Mic

Budding iPhone director? Did you know they shot footage for Project X on iPhones? Did you know there is a movie in Cannes this year shot entirely on an iPhone? With accessories like this iPhone boom mic, what’s your excuse? So get out there, have your feature entered into Cannes, or Sundance, or some other shit, and then we’ll talk. $40 via photojojo

BMW i8 Hybrid Concept

The BMW i8 looks like something out of Minority Report. Series production has been announced, and the i8 is to drop at some point in 2013. It is a plug-in hybrid. 0-60 in 4.8 seconds. Under normal driving conditions, it is expected to deliver 80 mpg. Can’t wait to see this bad boy on the road.

Patek Philippe 5207

This is not your grand-father’s watch. Or maybe you’re part of the 1% and it is. Because at a modest base model of $19,900, few can afford to rock this simple, sober, elegant time-piece. It is a status symbol of the highest order. Those who know, know! This watch cost more than some homes. It cost’s a small fortune, but isn’t overstated like some tacky T-Pain bling. Truly a piece for the Urban Humidor.

The New iPad

The new iPad has dropped. This iteration is not a giant leap. Internal upgrades. Better Cameras. Retina Display. Better Battery. Nothing revolutionary. Apple is playing a cautious game. They own the tablet market, with by far the best product. With such rapid product life-cycles, Apple does not need a revolution every time. This upgrade brought record sales numbers. People obviously love the thing. So I suppose they can afford to play it safe.